Frequently Asked Questions

Where does training take place?

1-2-1 training will take place in your home, garden or outdoors somewhere nearby depending on what we are training. If you have a particular place you would like to train, please specify that when booking

How much does it cost?

Prices vary accordingly, but here is a rough price guide:

Walks – €20

Home visits – €20

Training – €100 for initial consult, €70 for follow up

Behavioural consult package – €350 for four consultations

Do I need to bring anything?

Most likely not, however if there is anything I need you to bring such as your dog’s favorite toy I will let you know during our telephone consult which happens a week or so before the in-person session

Where will you take my dog on walks?

I will discuss in detail what you are happy for me to do with your dog. In general I will walk them where they are most comfortable and content, this could be in the local area or in a quieter area where there are no other dogs/people, it all depends on what you and your dog are happy with

What happens on a walk?

A LOT of sniffing! 🙂 We will go at a pace that suits your dog. My group walks take into account energy levels of dogs, hence I won’t pair a dog that likes to meander with a dog that likes to move quickly as neither would be happy and frustration will build for both. In group walks and when appropriate and initiated by the dogs themselves, play can take place also, but always in a secure and supervised environment

What are your qualifications?

I am a fully certified and assessed Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviour Department). See a list of my full qualifications here


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